Membership Types

Access to all our Swap Meets is absolutely FREE and you can even bring your own table without being a member, we will never charge you any money. However, being a member has many benefits. The only thing we ask of you is to drop by, say hello and have a good time.

We have two types of paid membership ($15/year or $45/year). Please refer to the table down below. The membership money goes towards:

  • Managing and paying for our website and hosting.
  • Promotional materials for the club.
  • Making goodies for the club (part of two types of membership).
  • Giveaways

Benefits of being a member of our club include:

  • Getting access to our Discord group where we discuss upcoming news, share custom creations and humbly brag about anything awesome that we might have acquired or stumbled upon.
  • Being able to be a part of our exclusive bulk ordering where we pre-order upcoming releases so we get guaranteed sets/cases without having to hunt for it, often at less than retail price.
  • Official club goodies (depends on the type of membership)
  • Being a part of any giveaways and raffles in the swap meets.
  • Any benefits that will be provided in the future as we expand.

If this is your first time visiting us at the swap meet, and you are willing to join the club, please use the following link to register or talk to our members at the swap meets. If you have any issues, please use the “Contact Us” page and send us a message.

Click Here to Register for Membership

Attend our Swap Meets
Bring your own table
Be a part of giveaways and raffles
Access to general Discord channels
Access to special Discord channels
SoCal HW Collectors Club Sticker
Name on website as supporter
Name on website as ultra cool supporter
Your own email
Goodies (Club Car, Apparel, etc.) at least once a year
The warm fuzzy feeling of supporting the club

Click Here to Register for Membership

* Memberships start from the beginning of the month of payment for ONE year.

* We reserve the right to deny Membership.