• First and foremost we are a collectors club, so please keep your deals at a decent level. What this means is, if you're looking to make huge profits out of selling stuff here, we will probably disappoint you as members might not even trade/purchase from you.
  • Please respect other members; it's understandable that not everyone sees eye to eye but keep the debates/conversations civilized.
  • Refrain from harassing and threatening members. Everyone likes a light-hearted joke here and there, but know the limits. Not everyone is same.
  • Have fun, please really have fun. This is a hobby and let's keep it that way. After all this is something that gives us a peace of mind in this busy world.
  • If you ever feel uncomfortable with anything (and this includes the actions of the Management as well), please reach out to us using the Contact form. We listen to every suggestion and grievance that you might have and act accordingly.
  • We do not discriminate between members, irrespective of when they joined us. You could be a member for day or months and everyone is treated the same. If you feel being discriminated, please reach out to us immediately using the Contact form.

Swap Meets

It's where all the club members come together every few weeks and trade/sell/buy hot wheels cars and related items. They bring their tables (not necessary but most likely you'll need one if you have lots of stuff), set them up and have a nice afternoon trading stuff and having fun conversations about all things Hot Wheels. We occasionally have club member exclusive giveaways and raffles and you might walk out with a car completely free!
Swap Meets are almost always on a Sunday late morning (around 11:00 AM)and we generally have them every 6 weeks, just so that everyone has enough time to catch up on new releases and come with new stuff. Please keep an eye on our website or our social media for updates
Of course, it's a public event and everyone is welcome. It's a kids and family friendly event. You're always welcome to come by and look at what the club members have to sell and maybe go back home happy with something you just acquired from the meet.
Definitely not! You don't have to be a member to bring your table. However, by not being a member you're missing out on a lot of benefits, a summary of which can be found here.
We do not have a fixed place currently for our swap meets and they are held in public areas like parks or parking lots. However, we try to keep it consistent and the same venue every time. Please check out our swap meet announcements where the location, date and time will be mentioned.
Not at all, although this is a Hot Wheels swap meet, most of us collect other die-casts too like Matchbox, Johnny Lightning, Tarmac, Tomica and M2 Machines just to name a few. You will even find people who are heavily into customization, so be prepared to see custom decals, wheels, dioramas and fascinating custom works! We seriously love that stuff!


Like almost any other club we offer memberships for a full year, which come with a plethora of benefits such as :
  • Getting access to our Discord group where we discuss upcoming news, share custom creations and humbly brag about anything awesome that we might have acquired or stumbled upon.
  • Being able to be a part of our exclusive bulk ordering where we pre-order upcoming releases so we get guaranteed sets/cases without having to hunt for it, often at less than retail price.
  • Getting exclusive club merchandise at least once a membership year like apparel, official custom club car, etc.
  • Getting to interact with all the fellow collectors in one common place and share what you have for trade or what you’re looking for, which makes the swap meets even more efficient for you.
  • Being a part of any club member giveaways and raffles.
We have two types of paid membership ($15/year or $45/year). Please refer to the table down below.
FREE ($0/year)
PREMIUM ($15/year)
ELITE ($45/year)
Attend our Swap Meets
Bring your own table
Be a part of giveaways and raffles
Access to general Discord channels
Access to special Discord channels
SoCal HW Collectors Club Sticker
Name on website as supporter
Name on website as ultra cool supporter
Your own name@socalhwcollectors.com email
Goodies (Club Car, Apparel, etc.) at least once a year
The warm fuzzy feeling of supporting the club
The club or the management does not make any profit out of the membership fees. The entirety of the membership money goes towards:
  • Managing and paying for our website and hosting.
  • Promotional materials for the club.
  • Making goodies for the club (part of two types of membership).
  • Giveaways
Once you have decided on the type of membership you want, more of which can be found here, you can either reach out to us here and/or register here as a member. Registering doesn't make you a member automatically, please reach out to us and we will let you know how to make the payment. As of now, payment is manual; you can either pay in cash in one of our swap meets or use Venmo, we do not support PayPal or any other payment processors yet.
You get access to our private Discord server right away and all the benefits of being a membership of that level. Please make sure you have Discord app downloaded and installed on your phone from Google Play Store or Apple App Store or on your computer.
Yes, we allow you to cancel your membership with 30 days of getting it you feel like you're not getting what you expected. Please reach out to us and we shall refund you the entire amount without any questions.
Of course, we want to make sure that members are comfortable with the level of membership they have. If you're upgrading from Premium ($15/year) to Elite ($45/year), you just pay the difference. We only allow downgrading while renewing your membership after a year or within 30 days of getting it
Definitely, let us know and we will get you back on membership of your choice.
You will be notified a month before via email or Discord that your membership is about to expire, so you can decide accordingly.
You can login to your account by going here and then clicking on My Account under Membership to see your membership status and expiration date. You can even change your details.