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  • First and foremost we are a collectors club, so please keep your deals at a decent level. What this means is, if you’re looking to make huge profits out of selling stuff here, you might be disappointed as people might not buy from/trade with you.
  • Please respect other members; it’s understandable that not everyone sees eye to eye but keep the debates and conversations civilized.
  • Refrain from harassing and threatening members. Everyone likes a light-hearted joke here and there, but know the limits. Not everyone is same.
  • Have fun, please really have fun. This is a hobby and let’s keep it that way. After all this is something that gives us a peace of mind in this busy world.
  • If you ever feel uncomfortable with anything (and this includes the actions of the Management as well), please reach out to us using the Contact Us form. We listen to every suggestion and grievance that you might have and act accordingly.
  • We do not discriminate between members, irrespective of when they joined us. You could be a member for day or months and everyone is treated the same. If you feel being discriminated, please reach out to us immediately using the Contact Us form.


Like almost any other club we offer Memberships for a Full Year, which comes with a plethora of benefits such as :

  • Getting access to our Discord group where we discuss upcoming news, share custom creations and humbly brag about anything awesome that we might have acquired or stumbled upon.
  • Being able to pre-order upcoming releases so you get guaranteed sets/cases without having to hunt for it, sometimes at less than retail price. It’s like your own personal delivery service except for retail price or less.
  • Getting access to exclusive Club Events and Collaborations, which are most often with other car groups and clubs.
  • Access to exclusive Club Merchandise including the Official Club Car.
  • Getting your very own Club T-Shirt (included with the Premium Membership).

You can find more about the Membership here.

We provide two types of Memberships that are valid for 1 (ONE) Full Year:

  • BASIC Membership ($20/Year): Include access to Discord, pre-ordering releases, priority access to exclusive Events and Collaborations and ability to purchase the Official Club Car.
  • PREMIUM Membership ($50/Year): Include access to Discord, pre-ordering releases, priority access to exclusive Events and Collaborations and ability to purchase the Official Club Car AND your very own Club T-Shirt and exclusive Merchandise (included with the Membership)!

Renewals for both types of Membership is $20/Year. You also have the option to upgrade to Premium from Basic membership if you change your mind; just pay the difference.

Details about the Memberships can be found here.

The Club or the Management does not make any profit out of the Membership fees. The entirety of the membership money goes towards:

  • Managing and paying for our website and hosting
  • Promotional and marketing materials for the Club
  • Merchandise freebies for club members
  • Giveaways

Membership fees only cover about 25%-30% of the total running costs for the Club every year,

Great! You have decided to become a Club Member. Once you have decided on the type of Membership you want, more of which can be found here, head over to the new member sign-up page to register.

Payments are currently manual and you can find the relevant instructions once you get to the payment section of the sign-up process. Once sign-up is complete, please wait for verification after which you will receive a confirmation email with link to join our Discord channel.

If you run into any issues or have any questions, feel free to reach out to us using the Contact Us form or any of our social media platforms.

As soon as your Membership is confirmed, which usually happens within 24 hours of sign-up and payment, you will get an email with a link to join our Discord group. At this point you’re officially a Club Member, Congratulations!

Discord is a FREE app (similar to WhatsApp, Line, Kik, etc.) that makes it easy to talk every day and hang out more often. You can download it on your phone by going to the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. It can also be downloaded on your computer for Windows here and Mac here. All download links can also be accessed from here.

Yes, we allow you to cancel your Membership within 30 (THIRTY) days of signing up you feel like you’re not getting what you expected. Please reach out to us and we shall refund you the entire amount without any questions.

Please keep in mind if you got the Premium Membership that comes with the Club T-Shirt, and you decide to cancel the membership after it has been ordered for you; we will only be able to refund the Membership fees minus the cost of the T-Shirt. This is because the T-Shirts are ordered as and when memberships sign up and we will have already paid for it.

Yes, you can upgrade from BASIC Membership ($20/Year) to PREMIUM Membership ($50/Year) at any time during your membership period. Just pay the difference, which comes to $30. Upgrading the membership does not increase the tenure of your membership.

Downgrading is not currently available due to the nature of the memberships.

Yes, definitely! If you missed us, we missed you too and would gladly welcome you back. Just pay the Renewal Fees of $20/Year and your membership shall resume again.

Just pay the Renewal Fees of $20/Year and your membership tenure shall be extended for 1 (ONE) Year from the date of expiry. You don’t have to wait to renew till the last date, you can renew at any time.

You will be notified 1 (ONE) Month before via Email (used while signing up) and Discord that your Membership is about to expire, so you can decide accordingly.

Once you login, you should be able to see your details along with the Membership information under your Profile.


It is a public gathering in an open space where both the Club Members and die-cast enthusiasts come together twice every month and trade, sell and buy die-cast cars and related items. They bring their tables (not necessary but most likely you’ll need one if you have lots of stuff), set them up and have a nice afternoon trading stuff and having fun conversations about all things Die-cast.

We occasionally have Club Member exclusive and public giveaways and raffles.

Currently the Swap Meets happen TWICE (2) every Month. Dates can be shifted around to accommodate public holidays and other events, but those are rare. The schedule is:

  • SECOND SATURDAY of every Month
  • THIRD SUNDAY of every Month

Please follow our Social Media for updates as well

You can find the list of all upcoming Events here. We currently have two types of Events: Swap Meets and Collaborations.

Of course, it’s a public event and everyone is welcome. It’s a kids and family friendly event.

You’re always welcome to come by and bring your items to sell or trade. You do not have to be a Club Member to be able to sell at our Swap Meets. The best part, it’s completely FREE! Yes you heard it right, no catch, we promise it truly is FREE.

Not at all! Even if you’re not a Club Member you can still bring your items to trade and sell for FREE! Yes you heard it right, no fees are involved.

However, by not being a Club Member you’re missing out on a lot of benefits, a summary of which can be found here.

Currently our Swap Meets are held at the Arroyo Seco Park at South Pasadena, CA.

Not at all, although it says Hot Wheels Swap Meet, most of us collect other die-cast cars too like Matchbox, Johnny Lightning, Tarmac, Tomica and M2 Machines just to name a few.

You will even find people who are heavily into customization, so it’s very common to see custom decals, wheels, dioramas and fascinating custom works! We seriously love that stuff!