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March 2022 – Kyusha Nights (OJCM x SoCalHWC x Fujiwara Tofu Cafe)


About the Event

SoCal Hot Wheels Collectors is collaborating with OJCM and Fujiwara Tofu Cafe to bring you the best of both worlds – actual life sized cars and their die-cast scale models. Entry for the public is completely FREE so we highly encourage you to come and enjoy the show.

Directions & Parking

The address is 9216 Flair Dr and is opposite a Starbucks in the block. It is easily visible from the Flair Dr as you’re driving eastbound.

If you are visiting, we request you not to park close to the event since there might be reservations for show cars. There should be plenty of parking in the block. Please refrain from parking in spots reserved for other shops that are open so as not to cause inconvenience to them.

General Information

Event entry for visitors is completely FREE. If you want to bring your show car, please use the above link to submit your request using the form. If your car is selected, you will hear back from us. No fees are needed for Show Cars that have been approved. Vendor spots are currently only open for the SoCal Hot Wheels Collectors Club members. If that changes, we will let you know. Vendor Spots are NOT FREE and require reservations.

  • To reserve a Spot for your show car, please click the button that says “CLICK HERE TO RESERVE A SPOT FOR YOUR SHOW CAR” and fill out the form. If your car is selected, you will hear back from us.
  • We will have vendors selling model die-cast cars and scale models. Currently vendor spots are only open to SoCal Hot Wheels Collectors Club Members with limited spots open for public. Vendor spots are NOT FREE, please check our Instagram for details on how to reserve one.
  • The event publicly opens at 8:00 PM, so please do not arrive early if you’re a visitor so as not to affect out set up process.
  • Show Cars arrival time is from 7:30 PM to 8:00 PM, please try to arrive within that window for a convenient set up.
  • There will be restrooms for use on the property,
  • We will also have a food and drinks vendor (to be announced later what kind of food will be available). No alcoholic beverages are allowed or will be sold on site, so please be mindful of that.

About OJCM

OJCM aka Oldskoolerz is a Car Meet known for featuring some of the most exclusive and coolest Japanese classic cars in Southern California. Enthusiasts get a chance to compare, rant and rave about their latest modifications while passerby happen to see their favorite car they used to own back in high school or their parent’s first car they once owned. Creativity, personal styling, unique look, breaking trends or starting your own is what this is all about.

About SoCal Hot Wheels Collectors

The SoCal Hot Wheels Collectors Club is a Hot Wheels Collectors group based out of Southern California around the Los Angeles area. Our collectors, both young and old, share the same passion for Hot Wheels and consider it a serious hobby in this fast paced world. We encourage you to come join us in our Events, with family and friends even if this is your first time or you’re completely new to collecting.